Tom Parker

Name; Thomas Antony Parker
Age; 22
Date Of Birth; 4th August 1988
Star Sign; Leo
Height; 5ft 10
Eye Colour; Hazel
Hair Colour; Brown

Hometown; Bolton

Favourite Catchphrase; Pass (He doesn't have one)
Favourite Band; Oasis
Favourite Song; Rock 'n' Roll Star - Oasis
Football Team; Bolton Wanderers
Favourite Colour; Lime Yellow 
Favourite Animal; Parrot
Favourite TV Show As A Kid; Rosie and Jim
Recent TV Show; The Inbetweeners
Favourite Trainers; Reebok
Day Of The Week; #TomTuesday

I like it when... I'm writing music and playing my guitar.

If I could rule... the country, I would make tax zero.

If it was the end... of the world, I would hide in a bunker

If my name was... Liam Gallagher, I would be cool

If I was a girl... I would go into the girls toilets and find out what they actually talk about when they go in there in 2s,3s,9s.

If I could have... just one day with John Lennon

I hate it when... I'm bored
Thomas Anthony Parker is the oldest member of The Wanted but only by a month and two days. Tom is an amazing song writer and he is an also amazingly talented guitar player. Tom is usually the one tweeting while he is drunk he ended up tweeting Nathan saying 'you will stnsad correcTed, I am absolutely leatehredz!' instead of 'you will be stand corrected, I am absolutely leathered'.Also Tom is the cheeky one in th band he is usually the one kissing fans or he can be the moody one and have tantrums which we tend to call #TomTantrums.

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