Siva Kaneswaran

Name; Siva Kaneswaran
Age; 22
Date Of Birth; 16th November 1988
Star Sign; Scorpio

Height; 6ft 1 
Eye Colour; Brown 
Hair Colour; Black

Hometown; Ireland

Favourite Catchphrase; Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Favourite Band; Switchfoot
Favourite Song; Hello - Lionel Richie 
Football Team; Manchester City or Bolton
Favourite Colour; Blue
Favourite Animal; Dog
Favourite TV Show As A Kid; Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Recent TV Show; Family Guy 
Favourite Trainers; Y3 Yoji Yamamoto for Adidas
Day Of The Week; #SivaSaturday

I like it when... chocolate melts with butter

I love it when... I am in front of my ma’s fire

If I could rule... the world I would clear every country’s debt

If it was the end... of a movie in a cinema I would wait for the credits to finish

If my name was... Kumar I would be confused (His twin is called Kumar)

If I was a girl... I would be one hot girl!

If I could have... one wish it would be to travel into space

I hate it when... ….. I miss some hair when shaving my face (and ass)Siva Kaneswaran is the only Irish member of the band him and his twin brother Kumar did audition for the band but Siva was the only one through his brother has no harsh feelings against him he loves the same as he did before he became famous maybe even a little bit more.Siva gets the Mick taken out of his accent by Max and Jay but he doesn't mind, if I'm honest he's probably had to get used to it, like once in Germany Siva was looking at the car and it had a pullout draw and he went 'oh look it's a Seat-Draw or is it a Draw-Seat?' so all the way to their destination Jay and Max were making fun of his comment in a Irish accent.You can talk to Siva via;Facebook;;!/SivaTheWanted